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About Spark Leadership

Bobby Purvis | Founder & CEO

Bobby's journey from being a police officer to becoming an Operations Manager for a public utility company exemplifies his ability to thrive amidst career stress and challenges. Drawing upon his experiences, Bobby successfully turned around the utility by revitalizing the workforce, fostering an environment of teamwork, and upholding a culture built on integrity.

As the founding member of Spark Leadership, Bobby now lives out his passion for helping his clients surpass their limitations. By addressing difficult issues head-on and instilling a sense of self-belief and camaraderie amongst employees, Bobby empowers teams to align with organizational goals and achieve unprecedented success. When organizations and employees team up for success, everyone wins.

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Bobby shares his passion for leadership on the Coffee with Jim & James Show

Original air date:  March 1, 2023



Core Messaging

In all of our classes, we encourage and excite attendees to look at their position as more than a job, but as an opportunity to push themselves to greatness and achieve excellence. Every program includes our core messaging principles.

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