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Build a Culture of Excellence with Clear Expectations

Bobby Purvis | May 23, 2023


As part of this week's #TuesdayTalks series, we challenge you to build a culture of excellence by establishing clear expectations with your team. It's amazing to me how I meet so many leaders and team members that, when asked, are not able to articulate the expectations of their roles or the roles of their staff.

When building a culture of excellence within an organization, one powerful tool should not be overlooked, clearly stating expectations of excellence. By clearly defining and communicating expectations, leaders can create a consistent message that guides their team toward shared goals and a positive work environment. This is when leaders establish quality expectations, customer service expectations, and relationship expectations when dealing with the internal clients of your organization. Your organization's customers are not just the ones that pay your bills - they are the other members and teams within your company that may rely on you or your department. Treat them as you would your best customer.

Take the time to infuse the message that will guide your culture and organization in a positive way. It is through this intentional effort that will shape the value, behaviors, and attitudes that will drive your organization towards success.

For this week, make a point of meeting with your team or manager, and writing down the expectations and goals for your position or department. Revisit those expectations individually or as a team at least once a month. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes and removes the "surprise" when it comes to your performance reviews. If you think about it, how incredibly unfair is it to only learn of the expectations of your job when you're sitting across from your manager at your yearly performance review?

If you are a manager or HR Director, this may be a good time to look at your job descriptions document for each role. If roles have drifted from the initial descriptions, consider reviewing that document with your staff. If the employee has assumed more responsibility, a performance review and pay increase may be in order (remember - retention is cheaper than recruitment!). If the employee has not met the key fundamental goals of their position, consider a performance plan and mentorship program for your employee.

You got this - keep Sparking up your team!

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