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Hard Vs. Soft Skills Training

Bobby Purvis | June 7, 2023


When you hear people say, "They could use some soft skills training," do you know what that means? How do your employees measure up? Here is an easy breakdown and some free resources you can use to improve your staff development. Remember, investing in the employees you already have is more cost-effective than replacing them when they leave.

Hard Skills: Hard skills are those things that we used to always see on resumes. Historically, these have included degrees and licenses, languages spoken, and job-specific skills like computer programming or bookkeeping. Hard skills is the knowledge or credentials you have earned that make you qualified to perform the specific duties of your job.

Soft Skills: Soft skills are things like your ability to be organized, self-motivated, work well with others, take direction, be part of the team, communicate up or down, and lead or be led. These are things that you don't generally learn in an educational institution or know how to do once you pass a certification exam. These are your "people" skills.

So when you think about your current team's development needs, are you looking beyond technical hard skills? If not, you should be. Teams that lack interpersonal skills are likely to fail or fall short of their potential.

When evaluating the skills needed both during and after work hours, it is crucial to assess the specific demands of your industry and organization. For some positions, pulling teams out of daily operations for staff development may not be feasible. While training during work hours is ideal, you can help your team with valuable free resources that are available to them after hours. Typically these free services focus on technical hard skills, like typing proficiency, learning Microsoft office applications or learning how to correspond with customers effectively over email. Major online platforms like OpenLearn, edX Online Learning, and Coursera offer a wide range of free online courses from renowned universities, covering business, computer science, and humanities.

Additionally, investing in soft skills training for emerging leaders is essential for their success in today's diverse workforce. Spark Leadership Training is a valuable resource that provides comprehensive programs designed to empower and develop leaders across various industries. The training programs offered by Spark Leadership Training are thoughtfully designed to equip leaders with the indispensable skills and knowledge necessary for effective team leadership and inspiration. By participating in these programs, leaders can enhance their leadership competencies, refine their decision-making abilities, strengthen their problem-solving skills, and cultivate emotional intelligence. Through Spark Leadership Training, leaders can gain the tools and insights necessary to navigate complex challenges, foster a positive work environment, and drive organizational success.

You got this - keep Sparking up your team!

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